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  • Generic average − this amount is calculated by averaging the sodium in all brands of this food type.
  • Low sodium brands − products are listed alphabetically and are very low in sodium (35mg or less).

You can find additional low-sodium products with 140mg or less in the third edition of our newest book, Pocket Guide To Low Sodium Foods.


Pizza snacks, cheese, 1 oz (140mg)
Buffalo wings, 1 oz (275mg)
Cheese nuggets, 1 oz (317mg)

Low Sodium Brands (85mg or less)
Amy’s Snacks, Cheese Pizza, 1.2 oz (78mg)
Amy’s Snacks, Spinach Pizza, 1.2 oz (84mg)
Dr Praeger’s Kids Sweet Potato Littles, 1.3 oz (85mg)
Wegmans Hors D’Oeuvres Profiterole Puffs, 3 (25mg)
Wegmans Hors D’Oeuvres Bengal Shrimp Sugar Can Skewer, 1 pc (65mg)
Wegmans Hors D’Oeuvres Blue Cheese & Fig Lollipop, 1.2 oz (70mg)
Wegmans Asian Classics Pork & Vegetable Potstickers (70mg)
Wegmans Asian Classics Vegetable Potstickers (75mg)
Wegmans Asian Classics Vegetable & Chicken Potstickers (75mg)
Wegmans Hors D’Oeuvres Classic Escargot Profiteroles, 11 oz (85mg)

Blintzes & Crepes

Crepes, 1 (60mg)
Blintz, fruit, 2.2 oz (160mg)
Blintz, cheese or potato, 2.2 oz (170mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (75mg or less)
Dixie Carb Counters French Crepe Mix, 1 (46mg)
Golden Blueberry or Strawberry Cheesecake Crepes, 2.3 oz (60mg)
Lupita’s Apple Cinnamon Crepes or Crepas de Mango, 2.5 oz (60mg)
Tuv Taam Blueberry or Strawberry Blintz, 3 oz (65mg)
Tuv Taam Apricot & Walnut, 3 oz (70mg)
Tuv Taam Apple Cinnamon, 3.9 oz (75mg)

Dinners, Entrees & Light Meals

Prepared Meals
Baked lemon pepper fish dinner, 9.1 oz, avg (630mg)
Beef & potatoes complete meal, 9.1 oz, avg (742mg)
Lasagna w/meat sauce, 10 oz, avg (792mg)
Spaghetti w/meat sauce, 10 oz, avg (800mg)
Fettuccine alfredo, 10 oz, avg (902mg)
Seafood scampi, 12 oz, avg (1,050mg)
Turkey & stuffing complete meal, 9.6 oz, avg (1,060mg)
Macaroni & cheese, 12 oz, avg (1,070mg)
Fried Chicken complete meal, 8.1 oz, avg (1,500mg)
Meatloaf & potatoes complete meal, 14 oz, avg (1,510mg)

Skillet Meals, Meal Kits & Helpers
Grilled chicken & vegetable skillet, 12.5 oz, avg (870mg)

Prepared Meals (100mg or less)
DeBoles Rice Shells & Cheddar, 1/4 pkg (100mg)
LaBriute Meatballs & Spaghetti, 12 oz (95mg)
Pritikin Vegetable Stuffed Shells, 3.9 oz (60mg)
Pritikin Roasted Turkey, 7.1 oz (70mg)
Pritikin Jamaican Curry Chicken, 6.6 oz (80mg)
Pritikin Seared Tasmanian Trout, 10.4 oz (85mg)
Pritikin Seared Salmon w/Potato Hash, 5.7 oz (90mg)
Pritikin Poached Salmon w/Roasted Potato, 5.7 oz (90mg)
Pritikin Jerked Mahi Mahi, 4.3 oz (100mg)

Skillet Meals, Meal Kits & Helpers
NOTE: Some of the following may require additional ingredients, which may raise the sodium content.
Delicae Pantry Slow Cooker Dinner Country French Pork & White Bean (25mg)
Delicae Pantry Slow Cooker Dinner Homemade Turkey Barley (25mg)
Delicae Pantry Slow Cooker Dinner Italian Farm-Style Chicken (25mg)
Delicae Pantry Slow Cooker Dinner Big Easy Jambalaya (30mg)
Delicae Pantry Slow Cooker Dinner Italian Kitchen Osso Bucco (30mg)
Delicae Pantry Slow Cooker Dinner Grandma’s Country Chicken & Rice (35mg)
Delicae Pantry Slow Cooker Dinner Mediterranean Lamb Shanks (35mg)
Delicae Pantry Slow Cooker Dinner Old Fashioned Pot Roast (45mg)
Delicae Pantry Slow Cooker Dinner French Bistro Short Ribs (45mg)
Delicae Pantry Slow Cooker Dinner Santa Fe Chicken w/Black Beans (60mg)
Farmstand Soup Co Summer BBQ Corn & Chicken Stew Mix (5mg)
Farmstand Soup Co Celebrate Spring Lentil & Sausage Stew Mix (30mg)
Farmstand Soup Co Yukon Gold Bean & Beef Stew mix (35mg)
Purely American Foods Cholent, Salt Free, all varieties
Slow Cooker Gourmet Lewis & Clark Lentil & Sausage Stew Mix (5mg)
Slow Cooker Gourmet Memphis Blues Pork Chop Dinner (5mg)
Slow Cooker Gourmet Sunday at Grandma’s Pot Roast Stew (20mg)

Ethnic − Asian

Condiments, Additives & Seasoning Mixes
Rice vinegar, unseasoned, 1 tbsp, avg (0mg)
Wasabi powder, 1 tsp, avg (0mg)
Chinese hot mustard powder, 1 tsp, avg (0mg)
Seaweed, agar, fresh, 1 oz, avg (3mg)
Seaweed, nori, fresh, 1 oz, avg (14mg)
Seaweed, spirulina, fresh, 1 oz, avg (28mg)
Mirin sweet cooking wine, 1 tbsp, avg (55mg)
Pickled ginger, 1 tbsp, avg (65mg)
Chinese mustard, 1 tsp, avg (75mg)
Wasabi, prepared, avg (100mg)
Curry paste, 1 tsp, avg (210mg)
Rice vinegar, seasoned, 1 tbsp, avg (240mg)
Coconut aminos (soy sauce substitute), 1 tbsp, avg (351mg)
Fried rice seasoning mix, 1 1/3 tbsp, avg (490mg)
Miso/soybean paste, 1 tbsp, avg (522mg)
Soy sauce, low sodium, 1 tbsp, avg (533mg)
Soy sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (902mg)

Dinners, Entrees & Light Meals
Sushi, cucumber roll, 4 pc, avg (203mg)*
Egg roll, pork, 3 oz, avg (446mg)
Egg roll, vegetable, 3 oz, avg (477mg)
Sushi, California roll, 4 pc, avg (480mg)
Fried rice, 1 cup, avg (554mg)
Sweet & sour chicken, 10 oz, avg (708mg)
Chow mein, chicken, w/egg roll, 9 oz, avg (850mg)
Rice bowl w/chicken, 10 oz, avg (943mg)
Oriental beef, 9 oz, avg (960mg)
Stir fry, shrimp, 9.8 oz, avg (1,330mg)
Lo mein, shrimp, 10 oz, avg (1,617mg)
*NOTE: While sushi numbers are an average, the sodium content varies widely and is based on ingredients used.

Fortune Cookies
Fortune cookie, 1, avg (22mg)

Noodles & Rice
Bean threads, 1 cup, avg (0mg)
Rice, steamed, 1 cup, avg (0mg)
Low mean noodles, 1 cup, avg (2mg)
Chinese, cellophane, or long rice, 1 cup, avg (14mg)
Rice noodles (rice sticks), avg (110mg)
Chow mean/Soba noodles, 2 oz, avg (390mg)
Udon noodles, 2 oz, avg (660mg)
Somen noodles, 2 oz, avg (1,049mg)

Sweet & sour sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (95mg)
Duck sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (130mg)
Peanut sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (135mg)
Pad thai sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (150mg)
Chili sauce, 1 tsp, avg (150mg)
Hoisin sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (245mg)
Chinese barbecue sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (250mg)
Curry sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (250mg)
Plum sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (260mg)
Kung pao sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (350mg)
Szechuan sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (550mg)
Stir-fry sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (570mg)
Teriyaki sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (570mg)
Soy sauce, reduced sodium, 1 tbsp, avg (600mg)
Oyster sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (850mg)
Bean sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (875mg)
Soy sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (902mg)
Fish sauce, 1 tbsp, avg (1,730mg)

Sushi & Sushi-making
Seaweed, agar, fresh, 1 oz, avg (3mg)
Bamboo Shoots, most brands (5mg)
Seaweed, nori, fresh, 1 oz, avg (14mg)
Seaweed, spirulina, fresh, 1 oz, avg (28mg)
California roll, 2 slices, avg (150mg)
Vegetable roll, 9.8 oz (177mg)

Water Chestnuts, most brands, 1/4 cup (0mg)
Bamboo Shoots, most brands (5mg)
Bean sprouts, canned, 1 cup, avg (205mg)
Stir-fry vegetables, seasoned, frozen, 1/2 cup, avg (300mg)
Chow mein vegetables, canned, 1/2 cup, avg (422mg)
Chop suey vegetables, canned, 1/2 cup, avg (630mg)
Baby corn, 1/2 cup, avg (350mg)

Wonton wrapper, 1, avg (46mg)
Egg roll wrapper, 1, avg (183mg)

Condiments, Additives & Seasoning Mixes (50mg or less)
Cedar Hill Seasonings Stir-Fry Mix, 1 tsp (25mg)
Dynasty Sweet & Hot Mustard, 1 tsp (35mg)
Dynasty Chinese Style Mustard, 1 tsp (45mg)
Dynasty Chinese Style Mustard, Extra Hot, 1 tsp (45mg)
Ginger People Pickled Sushi Ginger, 1 oz (0mg)
Mee Tu Chinese Style Mustard, 1 tsp (40mg)
Mitsukan Mirin Sweet Cooking Seasoning, 1 tbsp (15mg)
Polynesian Chinese Style Mustard, 1 tsp (40mg)
Roland Chinese Hot Mustard Powder, 1 tsp (0mg)
Roland Chinese Hot Mustard, 1 tsp (40mg)
Sun-Bird Mongolian Beef Seasoning Mix, 2 tsp (0mg)
Sun Luck Hot Mustard Paste, 1 tsp (50mg)
TyLing Naturals Chinese Style Hot Mustard, 1 tsp (50mg)
Williams Phad Thai Mix, 1 tsp (45mg)
Williams Mongolian Beef Mix, 1 tsp (0mg)

Dinners, Entrees & Light Meals (100mg or less)
Tai Pei Sweet & Sour Shrimp, 6.1 oz (95mg)

Fortune Cookies
Most fortune cookies are within the generic average.

Noodles & Rice
A Taste of Thai Rice Noodles, all varieties (22mg)
Annie Chun’s Maifun Rice Noodles (0mg)
Asian Gourmet Chinese Noodles (1mg)
Double Happiness Bean Threads (0mg)
Dragonfly Noodles, most (10mg avg)
Eden 100% Buckwheat Soba, 2 oz (5mg)
Hakubaku Organic Soba, NSA (0mg)
Hakubaku Cha Soba (Green Tea) (0mg)
Hakubaku Organic Udon (0mg)
House Shiratake, White or Brown, 2 oz (0mg)
House Tofu Shiratake, 4 oz (15mg)
JFC Shiratake, White or Black, 3 oz (0mg)
JFC Shiratake, Brown, 1 oz (5mg)
Orchids Buckwheat Noodles, 3 oz (0mg)
Orchids Shiratake, White, 1.8 oz (5mg)

Sauces − Chili/Garlic Sauce (75mg or less)
A Taste of Thai Sweet Red Chili Sauce, 1 tsp (50mg)
Asian Gourmet Spicy Chili & Garlic Sauce, 1 tsp (70mg)
Heaven & Earth Dragon Fire Chili Sauce, 1.5 tsp (25mg)
Roland Sweet Chili Sauce, Thai Style, 1 tsp (60mg)
Thai & True Sweet Chili Sauce, 1 tsp (25mg)
Thai & True Sarachee Hot Sauce, 1 tsp (40mg)

Sauces − Curry Sauce/Paste (100mg or less)
Sable & Rosenfeld Cashew Curry Sauce, 2 tbsp (85mg)
Sable & Rosenfeld Coconut Curry Sauce, 2 tbsp (85mg)
Steel’s All Natural Mango Curry Sauce, 1 tbsp (0mg)
Thai & True Curry Pastes, all varieties, 1 tbsp (5mg)

Sauces − Hoisin/Plum Sauce (100mg or less)
Dynasty Plum Sauce, 1 tbsp (90mg)
Fischer & Wieser Hot Plum Chipotle Sauce, 1 tbsp (15mg)
Jok ‘n’ Al Plum Sauce, 1 tbsp (40mg)
Kona Coast Sweet & Sour Plum Sauce, 2 tbsp (65mg)

Sauces − Kung Pao/Szechuan Sauce (140mg or less)
Yings Spicy Kung Pao Sauce, 1 tbsp (126mg)
Yings Extra Spicy Kung Pao Sauce, 1 t bsp (126mg)

Sauces − Lemon/Orange Sauce (100mg or less)
Asian Gourmet Orange Sauce, 2 tbsp (75mg)
Elki Spicy Mandarin Orange Sauce & Dip, 1 tbsp (95mg)
Hot Squeeze Orange Ginger Zing, 2 tsp (15mg)
Iron Chef Orange Sauce Glaze w/Ginger, 2 tbsp (100mg)
Leeann Chin Lemon Sauce (35mg)
Ying’s Orange Sauce, 1 tbsp (80mg)

Sauces − Pad Thai Sauce (110mg or less)
Thai & True Pad Thai, 1/4 cup (105mg)

Sauces − Peanut/Satay Sauce (100mg or less)
Mr. Spice Organic SF Thai Peanut Sauce & Marinade, 1 tbsp (0mg)
King of Siam Thai Peanut Sauce, 2 tbsp (100mg)
Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Peanut, 2 tbsp (95mg)
Thai & True Peanut Sauce, 1 tbsp (40mg)

Suaces − Stir-Fry Sauce (75mg or less)
Mr. Spice Ginger, 1 tbsp (0mg)
World Foods Pineapple Lemon Stir-Fry Mix, 1/4 jar (10mg)
House of Tsang Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry Sauce, 1 tbsp (75mg)

Sauces − Sweet & Sour/Duck Sauce
Ah-So Chinese-Style Duck Sauce (15mg)
Crosse & Blackwell Sweet & Sour (30mg)
Great Impressions Sweet & Sour, 2 tbsp (15mg)
Heaven and Earth Tangerine Sauce, 2 tbsp (5mg)
Mr. Spice Sweet & Sour, 2 tbsp (0mg)
Orient Chef Sweet & Sour Sauce (25mg)
Rocky Mt Mandarin Sauce, 2 tbsp (20mg)
Sun Luck Restaurant Style Sweet & Sour Sauce (35mg)
World Foods Spicy Sweet & Sour (0mg)

Sauces − Teriyaki Sauce (125mg or less)
Garlic Survival Co Roasted Garlic Teriyaki Sauce (125mg)
Miko Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce (125mg)
World Harbors Blueberry Teriyaki (125mg)

Sauces − Miscellaneous
A Taste of Thai Ham Glaze, 2 tbsp (15mg)
ChinaBlue Tangy Ginger Sauce (15mg)
Heaven & Earth Ginger Mint Sauce (10mg)
Heaven & Earth Four Fruit (10mg)
Tasty Bite Satay Partay Mix, 1/2 pkg (0mg)
Tasty Bite Pad Thai Simmer Sauce Mix, 1/2 pkg (5mg)

Sushi & Sushi-making
Roland Sushi Rice (0mg)
Roland Sushi Wraps, all varieties (25mg)

Vegetables (75mg or less)
Ka-Me Stir Fry Vegetables (10mg)
La Choy Bean Sprouts, 2/3 cup (60mg)
La Choy Fancy Mixed Vegetables, 1/2 cup (60mg)
Season Cut or Whole Sweet Baby (35mg)
Season Mixed Stir Fry Veg (10mg)
Sun Luck Mushrooms, Straw (0mg)
Tiger Tiger Stir-Fry Vegetables, 1 cup (20mg)

Wrappers (60mg or less)
Dynasty Wonton, 1 (18mg)
Dynasty Egg Roll, 1 (60mg)
Fortune Brand Gyoza (Potsticker) Wrapper (37mg)
Frieda’s Wonton, 1 (37mg)
Spring Home TYJ Spring Roll Pastry (50mg)
Twin Dragon Gyoza (Potsticker) Wrapper (37mg)
Twin Dragon Shu Mai Wrappers (40mg)

Ethnic − Hawaiian/Caribbean

Poi, 1 cup, avg (30mg)
Laulau, pork, avg (147mg)
Chicken long rice, 1 cup, avg (461mg)
Portuguese sausage, 2 oz, avg (520mg)
Kim chee, 1/2 cup, avg (524mg)
Radishes, pickled Hawaiian style, 1/2 cup, avg (592mg)
Kalua pork & cabbage, 1 cup, avg (1,007mg)
Lomi salmon, 1 cup, avg (1,643mg)

Most foods are within the generic range

Ethnic − Mediterranean

Prepared Entrees
Lentils w/fresh veg (madras sambar), 4 oz, avg (390mg)
Peas & cheese (matar paneer), 4 oz, avg (510mg)
Potato dumplings (jaipur karhi), 4 oz, avg (520mg)
Knish, potato, 1 pc, avg (530mg)
Pierogies, potato/broccoli/cheddar, 4 oz, avg (530mg)
Chicken tikka masala, 10 oz, avg (680mg)
Chicken korma, 10 oz, avg (720mg)
Masala noddles, mix, 1/2 pkg, avg (765mg)
Palak paneer, 10 oz, avg (810mg)
Rice pilar w/veggies & nuts, mix, 1 cup, avg (880mg)
Mashed vegetable curry (pav bhaji), mix, 1/2 cup,m avg (920mg)
Chicken biryani, 10 oz, avg (1,080mg)

Sauces & Seasoning Mixes
Garam masala, 1 tsp, avg (5mg)
Grape leaves, 1, avg (60mg)
Raita, 2.3 oz, avg (100mg)
Curry paste, ready-to-use, 1 tbsp, avg (270mg)
Jalfrezi, 1/2 cup, avg (380mg)
Korma suace, 4 oz, avg (480mg)
Vindaloo paste, 2 tbsp, avg (449mg)
Curry sauce, ready-to-use, 1/4 cup, avg (510mg)
Tandoori paste, 2 tbsp, avg (1,200mg)

Prepared Entrees
CookSimple Punjabi Curry, 1/4 pkg (15mg)
CookSimple Punjabi Curry w/Coconut, 1/4 pkg (15mg)
Neera’s Urad & Channa Dal, 1 cup pre (4mg)
Neera’s Dal & Seasoning Mix, 1 cup prep (4mg)
Neera’s Biryani Rice Mix, 1 cup prep (4mg)
Neera’s Shahi Pilau Rice Mix, 1 cup prep (6mg)

Sauces & Seasoning Mixes
Mr Spice Indian Curry Sauce, 1 tbsp (0mg)
Neera’s Tamarind Paste, 1 oz (20mg)
Neera’s Chutneys, 1 tbsp (23mg-54mg)

Ethnic − Mexican/Latino

Hot sauce, 1 tsp, avg (30mg)
Salsa, 2 tbsp, avg (198mg)
Taco sauce, 2 tbsp, avg (230mg)
Salsa, fresh, refrig, 2 tbsp, avg (250mg)
Enchilada sauce, red, 1/4 cup, avg (340mg)
Enchilada sauce, green, 1/4 cup, avg (375mg)
Nacho/cheese sauce, 2 tbsp, avg (450mg)
Mole paste, 2 tbsp, avg (460mg)

Seasoning Mixes
Sofrito, 1 tsp, avg (45mg)
Recaito, 1.5 tsp, avg (85mg)
Guacamole seasoning mix, 1/8 pkt, avg (160mg)
Enchilada sauce mix, 1/6 pkt, avg (250mg)
Chili seasoning mix, 1/4 pkt, avg (310mg)
Mile, ready-to-use, 2 tbsp, avg (400mg)
Fajita seasoning mix, 1/5 pkt, avg (450mg)
Taco seasoning mix, 1/6 pkt, avg (550mg)

Tortillas & Taco Shells
Corn tortilla, 6” diam, 1, avg (3mg)
Corn taco shell, shelf-stable, 1, avg (80mg)
Flour tortilla, 6″ diam, 1, avg (191mg)
Whole wheat tortilla, 1, avg (280mg)
Flour tortilla, 10″ diam, 1, avg (445mg)

Tomatillos, raw, diced, 1/2 cup (1mg)
Tomatillos, canned, most brands, 2.1 oz (15mg)*
*NOTE: Some canned tomatillos have more than 250mg sodium.Vegetables
Chili Peppers (75mg or less)
Whole green chiles, 1 pepper, 1.3 oz, avg (100mg)
Diced green chiles, 2 tbsp, avg (110mg)
Chipotle peppers in adobo, 2 tbsp, avg (260mg)
Jalapenos, diced, 2 tbsp, avg (468mg)
Refried beans, canned, 1/2 cup, avg (540mg)
Nopalitos (cactus), canned, 2 tbsp, avg (560mg)
Refried beans, mix, 1/2 cup prep, avg (610mg)

Sauces − Chili Sauce (50mg or less)
505 Southwestern Hot Green, 2 tbsp (40mg)
Big Acres Mango Peach Chili Sauce, 2 tbsp (50mg)

Sauces − Mole (75mg or less)
Big Acres Milago Mole Sauce, 2 tbsp (70mg)

Sauces − Salsa/Taco Sauce (75mg or less)
505 Southwestern Green Chili Sauce, all, 2 tbsp (20mg)
Alberto’s Sweet Jalapeno Relish, 2 tbsp (0mg)
American Spoon Corn Salsa (35mg)
Better Than Fred’s Caribbean Salsa (25mg)
Better Than Fred’s Just Peachy Salsa (25mg)
Cannon’s Cannon Fire Salsa (20mg)
Crazy Charlie’s Salsa, all varieties, 1/2 cup (5mg)
Desert Pepper Peach Mango (25mg)
Diana’s Black Bean & Corn (20mg)
El Pato Salsa Picante con Jalapeno (30mg)
Garlic Survival Co Tomatillo Garlic (15mg)
Gloria’s Roasted Garlic & Pineapple, 2 tbsp (5mg)
Gloria’s Santiam Ridge Peach Mango, 2 tbsp (15mg)
Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce, 1 tsp (25mg)
Red Cactus Country Sweet Medium Salsa (15mg)
Robert Rothschild Farm Mango Salsa (15mg)
Singing Pig Sweet Onion, 2 tbsp (20mg)
Southern Delight Savory Apple & Honey Salsa, all (5mg)
Stonewall Kitchen Peach Salsa (30mg)
Stonewall Kitchen Mango Lime Salsa (35mg)

Seasoning Mixes
Ancho Mama’s Chile, 1 tsp (0mg)
Cedar Hill Seasonings Taco Chili Mix, 1 tsp (30mg)
Chipolte Del Sol Southwest, 1 tsp (0mg)
Frontera Guacamole Mix, bottled, 1 tbsp (35mg)
Frontier Taco Seasoning, 1/4 tsp (0mg)
Mojave Hot Taco Mix, 1 tsp (0mg)
Mrs Dash Taco Seasoning (0mg)
New Traditions Fajita Mix, 1 tsp (0mg)
New Traditions Santa Fe Taco Mix, 1 tsp (0mg)
Spicely Organic Taco Seasoning, SF (0mg)

Tortillas & Taco Shells
Bearitos Taco Shells, yellow or blue corn, 2 shells (5mg)
Bearitos Tostado Shells, 2 shells (5mg)
Casa Fiesta Jumbo Taco Shells, 1 (5mg)
Casa Fiesta All Natural Taco Shells, 3 shells (10mg)
Del Oro Tostada Bowls, 1 (20mg)
El Rio Tostadas, 1 (0mg)
Food for Life Sprouted Corn Tortillas, 2 (10mg)
Garden of Eatin’ Blue or Yellow Corn, 2 (5mg)
La Preferida Corn Tortillas, 1 (3mg)
Mission White Corn, Restaurant Style (5mg)
Rio Rancho Tostada Bowls, regular & gluten free, 1 (5mg)
Taco Bell Taco Shells, 3 (5mg)

Alberto’s Sweet Jalapeno Relish, Sweet & Tangy, all (0mg)
Cannon’s Green Chile, Hot or Mild (0mg)
Cannon’s Sweet Hots, Red Hots, or Jalapeño (10mg)
Chi-Chi’s Whole Green Chiles (20mg)
Eden Organic − Has the lowest sodium canned refried beans we’re aware of (170-180mg)
El Rio Chopped Green Chiles (75mg)
Hatch Fire-Roasted Diced Green Chiles, Hot, 2 tbsp (75mg)
LaPreferida Diced Green Chiles (75mg)
LaVictoria Diced Green Chiles (70mg)
LaVictoria Fire Roasted Chiles Mild (75mg)
Meijer Whole Green Chiles, 1 pepper (75mg)
Meijer Chopped & Peeled Green Chiles (75mg)
Melissa’s Fire Roasted Red & Green Chiles (60mg)
Natural Value Whole or Diced, 2 tbsp (40mg)
Ortega Diced Jalapeños (25mg)
Safeway Green Chiles, 2 tbsp (40mg)
Santiago Smart Servings LS Vegetarian Refried Beans, mix (135mg)

Pasta Fixings

Pasta & Noodles
Farfel, matzo, 1 oz, avg (0mg)
Lasagne, dry, 2 oz, avg (0mg)
Macaroni/spaghetti, dry, 2 oz, avg (3mg)
Noodles, egg, dry, 2 oz, avg (12mg)
Pasta, fresh, refrig, 4.5 oz, avg (33mg)

Pasta Sauce
Red clam sauce, 1/2 cup, avg (350mg)
Alfredo sauce, 1/4 cup, avg (420mg)
White clam sauce, 1/2 cup, avg (510mg)
Marinara/spaghetti sauce, 1/2 cup, avg (580mg)
Pesto, 1/4 cup, avg (720mg)

Pasta & Noodles
Most brands are within the generic average.

Pasta Sauce (80mg or less)
Bella Sun Luci tomato Pesto (70mg)
Eden Organic Spaghetti, NSA (10mg)
Enrico’s No Salt Pasta Sauce (35mg)
Fanny’s Meat Sauce for Pasta (80mg)
Francesco Rinaldi NSA (40mg)
Manischewitz Pasta, NSA (45mg)
Mother Teresa’s Pasta Sauces, all (20mg)
LE Roselli’s LS Spaghetti (35mg)

Pizza Fixings

Prepared Pizza
Pizza, cheese, 1/4 of 12″, avg (653mg)
Bread pizza, cheese, 6 oz, avg (660mg)
Pizza, meat & vegetable, 1/4 of 12″, avg (704mg)
Pizza, pepperoni, 1/4 of 12″, avg (902mg)
Pizza, cheese, meat & vegetable, rising crust, 1/4, avg (954mg)

Pizza Crust & Dough
Pizza crust, mix, 1/4, avg (340mg)
Pizza crust, thin crust, refrig, 1/5, avg (360mg)
Pizza crust, regular, refrig, 1/6, avg (470mg)

Pizza Sauce
Pizza sauce, ready-to-use, 1/4 cup, avg (410mg)

Prepared Pizza (125mg or less)
Full of Life Flatbread Pizza, Flax & Pistachio, 1/4 (125mg)
GalloLeo Low Sodium Pizza Kit, 1/4 (10mg)

Pizza Crust & Dough (125mg or less)
Authenic Foods Pizza Crust Mix, 1/16 (90mg)
Better Bread Co Pizza Crust, 1/3 (25mg)
Chebe Pizza Crust Mix (110mg)
Ener-G Rice Shell, 10”, 1/8 (70mg)
Ener-G Yeast-Free Rice Shell, 10”, 1/8 (100mg)
Ener-G Yeast-Free Rice Shell, 6”, 1/4 (85mg)
Gluten Free Pantry Pizza Crust Mix (125mg)
Lucini Cinque e Cinque Mix, all varieties, 1/6 (25mg)
Mama Mary’s Cherry Gourmet Dessert Crust & Filling, 1/4 (100mg)
Mama Mary’s Apple Cinnamon Gourmet Dessert Crust & Filling, 1/4 (110mg)
Rustic Crust Napoli Herb Pizza Crust, Gluten Free, 1/4 (115mg)

Pizza Sauce (80mg or less)
Cento Pizza Sauce, Extra Heavy (20mg)
Furmano’s Original Pizza Sauce (80mg)
Oliverio Italian Style Pizza Sauce (40mg)
Palmieri Pizza Sauce (80mg)

Pockets & Wraps

Pocket sandwich, cheese, 4.5 oz, avg (450mg)
Croissant sandwich w/chicken, broccoli & cheese, avg (640mg)
Wrap, chicken caesar, avg (820mg)
Pocket sandwich, beef & cheese, 4.5 oz, avg (830mg)
Panini, roast beef & cheddar, 6 oz, avg (1,070mg)


Quiches, Souffles & Pot Pies

Pot pie, turkey, 7 oz, avg (695mg)
Pot pie, beef, 7 oz, avg (737mg)
Souffle, spinach, 8 oz, avg (770mg)
Quiche loraine, 6.5 oz, avg (770mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (85mg or less)
Petite Quiche, quiche (85mg)

Rice & Grains

White rice, uncooked, 1/2 cup, avg (1mg)
Wheat bran, 1/2 cup, avg (1mg)
Oat bran, 1/2 cup, avg (2mg)
Brown rice, uncooked, 1/2 cup, avg (4mg)
Millet, 1/2 cup, avg (5mg)
Wild rice, uncooked, 1/2 cup, avg (6mg)
Couscous, dry, 1/2 cup, avg (9mg)
Barley, pearl, 1/2 cup, avg (9mg)
Buckwheat groats, roasted, 1/2 cup, avg (9mg)
Bulgur, 1/2 cup, avg (12mg)
Instant rice, uncooked, 1/2 cup, avg (15mg)
Quinoa, 1/2 cup, avg (18mg)

Most brands are within the generic average.

Side Dishes

Pasta & Noodles
Noodles w/parmesan sauce, mix, 1/2 pkg, avg (680mg)
Pasta salad, mix, 1/4 pkg, avg (800mg)
Pasta w/alfredo sauce, mix, 1/2 pkg, avg (980mg)

Polenta, instant, 1/4 cup, avg (0mg)
Polenta, ready-to-eat, 4 oz, avg (376mg)
Polenta, mix, prep, 3/8 cup, avg (550mg)

Potatoes & Onions
Potatoes, french fried w/o salt, frozen, 10 strips, avg (21mg)
Mashed potatoes, instant, prep, 1/2 cup, avg (181mg)
Potatoes, french fried w/salt, frozen, 10 strips, avg (294mg)
Onion rings, breaded, frozen, 3 oz, avg (390mg)
Potato, stuffed, w/cheese, 5 oz, avg (550mg)
Potatoes, scalloped, mix, 1 oz, avg (570mg)

Rice & Grains
Tabouli, mix, 1/2 cup prep, avg (340mg)
Couscous, parmesan, mix, 1 cup prep, avg (580mg)
Falafel, mix, 1/4 cup, avg (610mg)

Carrot raisin salad, 1/2 cup, avg (125mg)
Coleslaw, 1/2 cup, avg (280mg)
Macaroni salad, 1/2 cup, avg (480mg)
Potato salad, 1/2 cup, avg (488mg)
Pasta salad, 1/2 cup, avg (650mg)

Stuffing, cornbread, dry mix, prep, 1/2 cup, avg (455mg)
Stuffing, bread, dry mix, prep, 1/2 cup, avg (543mg)

Vegetable & Misc Sides
Succotash, frozen, cooked w/o salt, 1/2 cup, avg (76mg)
Green beans & almonds, frozen, 1/2 cup, avg (95mg)
Corn in butter sauce, frozen, 1/2 cup, avg (260mg)
Succotash, canned, 1/2 cup, avg (282mg)
Spinach, creamed, frozen, 1/2 cup, avg (335mg)
Broccoli w/cheese sauce, frozen, 1/2 cup, avg (490mg)
Baked beans w/pork, 1/2 cup, avg (524mg)

Pasta & Noodles
Frontier Soups Salad! Pasta Salad Mix, Pesto Italian (0mg)
Frontier Soups Salad! Pasta Salad Mix, Mediterranean (10mg)
Frontier Soups Salad! Pasta Salad Mix, Country French (10mg)

Instant polenta − Most are within the generic average.

Potatoes & Onions
Unseasoned frozen french fries and hash brown potatoes − Most are within the generic average.
Basic American Redi-Shred Hash Browns (19mg)
Betty Crocker Mashed Potato Buds, 1/3 cup (25mg)
Cascadian Farm Organic Crinkle or Straight Cut French Fries, 3 oz (10mg)
Cascadian Farm Organic Hash Browns, 3 oz (10mg)
Cascadian Farm Organic Wedge Cut Oven Fries, 3 oz (10mg)
Cascadian Farm Organic Country Style Fries, 3 oz (10mg)
Cascadian Farm Organic Shoe String Fries, 3 oz (10mg)
Gefen Potato Pancake Latke Mix, Salt Free (20mg)
Golden Sweet Potato Pancakes, 1 (20mg)
Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes, Naturally Flavored, 1/3 cup (20mg)
Idaho Spuds Mashed Potatoes, 1/3 cup (20mg)
Idahoan Original Mashed Potatoes, 1/3 cup (15mg)
Ore-Ida Steam n’Mash Sweet Potatoes, 4.3 oz (30mg)
Woodstock Crinkle Cut Oven Fries, 3 oz (25mg)

Rice & Grains
Birds Eye Steamfresh Long Grain White Rice w/Mixed Veggies (15mg)
Bountiful Pantry Couscous w/Cranbrerries, 1 cup (0mg)
Bountiful Pantry Couscous & Lentil Salad w/Cranberries, 1 cup (15mg)
Neera’s Northern Indian Biryani (4mg)
Neera’s Indian Dal w/Chaunk (4mg)
Neera’s Indian Urad & Channa Dal (4mg)
Neera’s Jamaican-Style Dirty Rice (5mg)
Neera’s Indian Shahi Pilau (6mg)
Sadaf’s Basmati Rice Aromatic Delight, 1/2 pkg (20mg)
Sadaf’s Basmati Rice Roasted Noodle Raisonette, 1/2 pkg (20mg)
Sadaf’s Basmati Rice Sabzi Poli, 1/2 pkg (20mg)
Sadaf’s Basmati Rice Sweet Harmony, 1/2 pkg (25mg)
Sadaf’s Basmati Rice Wild West Favorite, 1/2 pkg (35mg)
Ziyad Falafil Mix, Vegetable Burger, 2 patties (50mg)

Vegetables & Misc Sides
Bountiful Pantry Boston Baked Beans Mix (0mg)

Abbreviations used:

avg average
LS low salt or low sodium
mg milligrams
NSA no salt added
oz ounce


prep prepared
SF salt or sodium free
tbsp tablespoon
tsp teaspoon